Level-up Handstand Workshop, with Rob Solly

Yoga is a gift we choose to practice, not only is there a sense of achievement when we master a new posture but by learning a new skill we alter our brain to protect it from brain degenerative diseases and slow cognitive aging. We all practice but as the saying goes “perfect practice makes perfect.”

This is why we are starting our series of workshops to allow people to get the most out of their practice and empower people by teaching a new skill.

Yogaline partnered-up with top fitness coach and master trainer Rob Solly to offer a day of Handstand workshops on 31st Jan 2020. Held at a private studio in The Devonshire Club, London, we gave the opportunity for both new and experienced yogis to work their way up to doing their first handstand, in just one class!

Rob specialises in giving people the best warmup, preparation, instruction and (most importantly) confidence to get up into a full handstand. Using a combination of body-awareness techniques, postural cues and safety measures, Rob ensures that each participant makes it up into their handstand safely.

The workshop begins with a series of mobilisation exercises to prepare each part of the body to come into a handstand. Starting with the neck and working down, each of our yogis performed exercises to warm-up and mobilise their shoulders, back and spine, core, hips, knees, wrists and ankles. Coming into a handstand requires that all joints of the body are fully engaged and working together, so this step is important.

Next up, Rob prepares our yogis to adopt the correct posture in their handstand by doing a series of body-awareness and engagement exercises. Starting with the shoulders, our yogis worked on isolating the shoulder joint and performing conscious mobilisation exercises so that the shoulder is fully engaged during the handstand. Next, our yogis are guided through a sequence of core exercises designed to bring awareness to the angle and position of the spine, ensuring that the core remains fully engaged and in the “cat” position during the handstand.

With the warm-ups and postural preparation complete, it’s time for our yogis to get inverted! Starting with confidence-building exercises (and using the help of the wall) our yogis gently and safely find their way into a half-handstand but walking their way up the wall with their feet. With practice and individual supervision form Rob, this evolves into a full-handstand in which our yogis are invited to practice the feeling of taking one foot off the wall at a time.

With the preparation complete, our yogis are ready to take to the center of the studio and practice their full handstand, without the help from the wall. Every one of our yogis managed to get into a handstand at the workshop, for many of them it was the first time doing any kind of inversion at all. 

As you can see from the pictures, it is absolutely amazing what each of us can achieve when we have the confidence that comes from good technique and correct instruction. This is what we are about at Yogaline – empowering your yoga journey through support, education and functional yoga products that give you confidence.

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The importance of learning a new skill