So you’ve taken your first few yoga classes, you’re getting a handle on downward-facing dog and you maybe even touch your toes already in forward fold. You want to deepen your yogagini practice and really embrace the benefits, so what do you do next?

Here are 6 tips from top yoga teachers on how to progress your yoga journey:

“Try different classes and different teachers”

Carlotta Castangia (@_carlotta_castangia)

The only constant in life is change, so try to mix up your yoga practice as well. Different teachers will each bring their own style, insight and personality to their practice. Broaden your horizons by trying out new classes and teachers, you never know what ideas, techniques, flows and insights you may gain from such experiences. You could end up discovering something new that really resonates with you!

“Focus on the body-mind connection”

Manuella Herreros (@theplaceretreats)

Yoga is not about flexibility, it is about fostering your body-mind relationship and dialogue. It is very easy for each of us to become disconnected form our bodies and our feelings as adults, especially in modern environments that are dominated by distractions such as TV, smart phones and stressful working environment. So be patient, allow this new conversation to happen between body and mind, and enjoy the journey without expectations.

“Connect strongly with your inspiration”

Bernd Windhofer (@berndwindhofer)

Spend some time to connect to your inspiration. Why do you want to practice? What do you hope to gain? Have you seen somebody who has practiced for a long time and been inspired by them? To quote the late teacher Sangharakshita, “guard closely your sources of inspiration.” If you feel inspired, and keep drawing from that well, your practice will develop quickly in a truly beautiful direction.

“Attend workshops at your yoga studio”

Sasha Navetnaya (@sasha_navetnaya)

Most of us who have attended a yoga class expect to share the studio with around 20 or 30 other participants. This can provide for a great energy in the room, but unfortunately there is never enough time for your yoga teacher to give you specific one-to-one feedback on your practice. Most yoga studios run workshops working on specific themes, such as inversions, pranayama or beginner and advanced flows. Attend some workshops and really get into the details on each part of the practice, learn how it works and how to develop your practice further. 

 “Keep going! Patience and persistence is key”

Angela Yogini (@angelayogini)

With any new discipline or practice, it can be easy to lose faith or motivation. There will be days when you don’t feel like practicing or maybe it even feels like you have taken a step backwards. It’s always about perspective – ask yourself why you don’t want to practice, ask yourself why you wouldn’t follow through with something that you have decided you want to do. Turn it into a learning experience. And always remember, those times when you feel that internal resistance are the truest opportunities to break through and grow your practice!

“Enjoy the community and have fun!”

David Sutcliffe (@mrdavidsutcliffe)

Some of the best new relationships I’ve forged have been through the yoga community. Yogis are by their nature generally very open and relaxed. Hang around after class, have a cup of tea, be brave and introduce yourself to people. Before you know it you will be practicing yoga with your new friends at class every week!


How to improve your yoga practice – 6 top tips from yoga teachers to inspire your practice