Do you ever feel uninspired? Like there's nothing that can make you excited or curious anymore? We all have those days where we're feeling flat and unmotivated.  

Creativity is an essential part of being human. It has been shown to have a positive effect on our mood, mental health and general well-being. In this blog post, I am going to share with you 5 ways that will help spark your creativity. 


  1. Change your Environment 

When you hit that afternoon slump at your desk, maybe it’s not an issue of getting another cup of coffee — maybe you need to change your environment. Stagnant settings often lead to stagnant creativity.  

So, get up and find another place you’re comfortable with, maybe in your backyard or at a local cafe nearby. 


  1. Take a Break 

Step away from your work and take a break. Do something different that doesn't involve working on what you are currently struggling with or doing something for the sake of it, like watching TV, going to the movies etc.  

If you're feeling especially stressed out, do physical activities outside in nature such as taking a walk or gardening (research has shown this can have strongly positive therapeutic effects). 


  1. Exercise 

When we’re working out, we have fewer distractions and more thinking time than when we’re sitting at our desks dealing with push notifications and incoming requests. 

Next time you exercise, try working on new ideas and map out how you plan on executing your next project.  

Go for a run or go to the gym. Sometimes exercise helps reenergize us when we feel overwhelmed by life's struggles and challenges.  


  1. Doodle 

Doodle random shapes until they start forming into an image that is interesting enough to keep drawing them over and over again. See if anything comes together after some time spent doodling without any conscious direction.  

This is a fun way to spark and exercise your mind into creativity. 


  1. Cut yourself off from technology 

With our relationship to smartphones, we’ve lost our ability to tolerate boredom — to the point where we can’t even wait in a line for coffee without using our phones as a distraction. The problem is, new ideas and energy toward change and social connection most often come from boredom.  

Experiment with untethering: Leave the phone in the car for the day, or even just for an hour, while you run an errand; eat a meal without it on the table.  


  1. Take a trip to the library or bookstore  

Find something that sparks your interest in reading it, even if you don't normally read books of this genre (i.e., self help, fantasy etc). Reading is said to be one of the most creative things people do because it requires imagination from us as readers which can allow us to escape our own reality for a little while.  

Not only does reading spark creativity but research has also found that doing so improves brain function such as memory skills, logical thought processes and analytical reasoning skills. You never know what might get you out of your slump! 


  1. Roll out your yoga mat 

It is well known that yoga promotes our strength, flexibility, and spirituality. While we often associate the ancient art of yoga with health and wellbeing, there’s another greater reason to practice it regularly. Practicing yoga can rewire your body and mind for innovative thinking and creativity. Whether you are an amateur painter, a poet or a music enthusiast, yoga helps you broaden artistic expressions through the integration of your mind, body, and soul. 

Try to Relax with Shavasana Pose. We are accustomed to engaging our muscles and our brains to achieve our goals, yet in Shavasana we must become equally skilled at letting all that activity go in order for the pose’s beneficial effects to arise. It’s hard to let go of the idea that everything important happens when you are moving and taking action. Yet a deeper part of yourself waits in those moments when you are completely relaxed to reveal its truth. A feeling of connection, clarity, all-knowingness, love, or joy may arise from this state of ease and relaxation—a taste of what meditation offers. 


  1. Go outside 

Take in the fresh air! Research has shown that spending time outdoors stimulates creative thinking by reducing stress levels which allows us - as humans who typically spend most of our lives indoors.  

Do any, or all of these things next time you’re feeling uninspired! Get out there in the world, do some physical activity outside, read a good book that sparks your interest etc. Sometimes just taking small steps towards working on our creativity will remind ourselves how important it is for our mental health - not to mention make it easier to get back into creating something creative while we are feeling inspired again! 


Remember that creativity is an essential part of being human, so it's important to invest time and effort in boosting our creativity and not give up when we're feeling down. 

Feeling Down and Uninspired? Here's 8 ways to spark your creativity