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Yogaline Mats

The world’s only personalised yoga mat

Practice yoga with confidence - feel your flow with tailored yoga alignment guides that will enhance your practice. Customisable design will mean your mat is as unique as you. 

Customize your mat
Yogaline Mats

Fearless Grip

Hold poses for easier and longer lets you practice with grace and boldness. Your mats super strong grip won't let you down in any condition (Wet or Dry) from sweat drenched hot yoga classes to challenging Vinyasa flows. 

Customize your mat
Yogaline Mats
Yogaline Mats
  • Yogaline Mats

    Personalised yoga mats, crafted just for you

    Add a personal touch to your Yogaline yoga mat with either a classic monogram or something more unique, engraved on your mat in our London workshop.

  • Yogaline Mats

    Super Strong Grip for Super Strong Yoga

    Our custom yoga mats are made with a strong and reliable grip that works wet or dry. Sweat it out on the mat without compromise.

  • Yogaline Mats

    Eco Friendly & Biodegradable

    At Yogaline, all our yoga mats are PVC & paraben-free. They combine the best materials with innovative and sustainable manufacturing, meaning they’re good for the environment and they’ll last you longer than other yoga mats.

  • Yogaline Mats

    Precision-Engineered Yoga

    Made from strong natural rubber and Eco-PU, our personalised yoga mats provide the perfect balance of strength, cushioning and support.

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Customize your mat
Yogaline Mats
Yogaline Mats

Tailored Alignment Guides

Each bespoke mat we create is based on your unique body measurements and your tailor-made alignment markers will guide your hands and feet into your perfect position for Downward-Facing Dog, Plank and Upward-Facing Dog. We also included a centre-line to provide left-to-right balance and 45-degree line to guide your back feet into standing postures.


The Truelign system works by taking a few key body measurements and using these to calculate the perfect placement of your hands and feet on the yoga mat to achieve your optimal alignment. 

When we talk about optimal alignment what do we mean? When the body is in ideal alignment the joints, fascia and spine are positioned in a safe, functional and supportive way, and your body is protected from unnecessary stress and injury, aiding safe transitions from one posture to the next. 

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This game changing yoga mat features bespoke alignment guides and monogrammed personalisation. Ain't no one walking away with yours!

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Women's Health

this mat has everything you need from a great yoga mat. Not only does it look great but it provides the best grip of any mat I've tried, and the alignment guides are really useful, especially the foot ones! The mat bag is also really well-designed and both products feel like the highest quality there is. Thank you for making such a great product!


Cardiff, UK

Angela Perez
  • H/
  • A/
  • S

Having a personalised alignment guide is so important to get the full benefits of your practice. Now more than ever it is important to protect the environment. I love the fact these mats are eco-friendly and biodegradeable. 🙏🏼❤️


Bali, Indonesia

Rob Solly
  • H/
  • A/
  • S

As a coach/teacher I’m always looking for tools that help me communicate more effectively with my students. The Yogaline mat does this by allowing me to quickly cue the student back to their position & safely coach new positions. It helps that the mat provides excellent grip which can aid in bravery, progress & understanding.


London, UK

Carly Rogers
  • H/
  • A/
  • S

Superior grip that gives me the confidence to fly high knowing my mat won’t let me down


London, UK

  • H174/
  • A/
  • S34

@yogaline.mats has designed and created these wonderful yoga mats complete with personal alignment


London, UK

Carlotta Castangia
  • H/
  • A/
  • S

The grip on these mats are like having super powers. It's so important to have a stable foundation and my mat allows me to hold postures with greater integrity.


Bali, Indonesia

  • H/
  • A/
  • S

I love this mat!



Measurements guide


Measure the length from the floor to the tip of your shoulder.

Arm length

Measure from the tip of your shoulder down to the wrist.

Shoe size

Use your favorite sneakers for reference, or use a size chart below.

Womens shoe size chart
35,5 2,5 5
36 3 5,5
36,5 3,5 6
37,5 4 6,5
38 4,5 7
38,5 5 7,5
39 5,5 8
40 6 8,5
40,5 6,5 9
41 7 9,5
42 7,5 10
42,5 8 10,5
43 8,5 11
44 9 11,5
44,5 9,5 12
Mens shoe size chart
35,5 3 3,5
36 3,5 4
36,5 4 4,5
37,5 4,5 5
38 5 5,5
38,5 5,5 6
39 6 6,5
40 6 7
40,5 6,5 7,5
41 7 8
42 7,5 8,5
42,5 8 9
43 8,5 9,5
44 9 10
44,5 9,5 10,5
45 10 11
45,5 10,5 11,5
46 11 12
47 11,5 12,5
47,5 12 13
48 12,5 13,5
48,5 13 14
49,5 14 15
50,5 15 16
51,5 16 17
52,5 17 18